Friday, March 13, 2009

On Floor Plans, and Others

It was an interesting week... nothing super substantial that stands out, but that just means this post will be a bit rambling and self indulgent. Like a real blog!

The designer made her way through the building next week. There was a really strange feeling around the center, very "omen of ill portent". It was the definitely the closest my Graduate Research position has ever felt to being in a Bergman movie. She took a few photos and measurements and left. Apparently it could all be for naught: I've heard a few rumblings that whatever she reports might be met with a "oh, that's nice" and subsequently ignored by the higher ups here at the research center. If that really is the case, it seems like a shame that someone is actually paying for her services. Especially if the budget is so tight!

I've been working on my own floor planning as well. Louise and I went through the library to determine what we will and won't take: apparently, we're taking pretty much everything! We are still trying to replace the front desks and magazine racks. I might also look into buying a CD tower/shelf to store the digital reports, freeing up some shelf space in the process. Also, the plan right now is to keep the basic arrangement of furniture between the library space and the workroom more or less as is.

That could use some explanation, since not everyone is on the 'inside' of this operation. Right now, the workroom has it's own work desk with two computers and a few filing cabinets/closed office shelves. One of the computers is just a work terminal, the other is the actual server for the catalog and such. The shelves contain both office supplies and archival copies of various reports of importance: basically, one 'to keep' copy of every report produced on site at the center (not every TxDOT report, every CTR TxDOT report. Believe me when I say I'm actually sparing you here... I could unleash so many acronyms). There's a new workroom space in the new library, and this stuff is going to be making a direct transfer: nothing extra from the library is going to the workroom (yet!) and vice versa.

I need to buy a tape measurer. The actual floor plans are due at the end of April, but I'd like to have all the shelving and furniture spec'd out by the end of March. One of the floor plans is going to be strictly what we have now, should we not be able to find any new furniture. Beyond that, I'll try to make a few more with possible new pieces that I find.

One other interesting challenge: finding transportation themed artwork! Louise is interested in decorating the new space a bit more. I wonder if the futurists would be in poor taste?

Spring Break next week, so no new posts... unless I find something I just have to right about. But I'll return with one about the Lit Review. Yay deliverables!

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