Friday, April 3, 2009

Furniture: The Blog Post

Things are moving right a long here in the land of Cap'd Stone. I'm pleased to announce that the Literature review I turned in went over quite well this week: Louise has already started to peruse some of the articles, and she gave the whole package (introduction and all) a thumbs up. It was a nice way to sort of say good by to the research phase, and now it's down to the nits and grits. Here's a link to the lit review:

Anyhow, about those nits and grits: this week I set about (tape measurer in hand) to inventory the furniture and shelving in the library. Here's what we've got!

Furniture: Library Proper

Large Table, Front Desk (5ft x 2.5ft)
3 Small Side Desks (2ft 8in x 1ft 6in)
1 Circular Table (4ft Diameter)
1 Small Computer Station/Desk (3ft 6in x 2ft)
1 Large Computer Station/Desk (3ft 6in x 2ft 8in)
1 Conference Table (6ft x 2ft 10in)

Shelving: Library Proper
1 Small Wooden Shelf (3ft x 1ft)
1 Taller Wooden Shelf (3ft x 1ft)
1 Magazine Rack (3ft x 11in)
7 Grey, Slatted Shelves (3ft x 1ft)
19 Tall Grey Slatted Shelves (3ft 1/2in x 1ft)
1 Large File Cabinet (4ft 6in x 3ft 7in) (weird size!)
1 Small File Cabinet (2ft 4.5in x 1ft 3in) (is it a file cabinet thing?)
2 Odd Shelves (Small Grey Slats) (3ft x 9 1/2in)

Work Room:
Large Desk (5ft x 2ft 9in)
1 Computer Desk (5ft 10in x 3ft)
1 Side Desk (3ft 6in x 2ft)
4 File Cabinets (3ft x 1ft 6in)
2 Shelves (3ft x 1ft)

States Room Shelves: 9 (2ft 8in x 1ft 1/2in)

So that's the situation! I'm going to try to get the floorplan drawn up in Visio next week, then I can start diagramming and pasting furniture pieces in different configurations. All the while looking for furniture and decoration. This is the fun part!

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